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Around 2006/2007 I had a musical duo with Kevin Martin called Ten Year Gap. We put some of our music on the internet and it was heard by a few guys we didn't really know at the time: Lou, Juice and Sean. They invited us to play a show and we all became instant friends. But the one guy I grew the most attached to was Sean. At some point, in an attempt to broaden our music, I asked Sean to play drums for Ten Year Gap to which he agreed. At that time Sean lived in this big house in Mira Loma, CA and more notably, had a large garage that housed all his music equipment and was set up perfectly to practice in. During one of our meetings Sean told me of this girl that he was momentarily in love with and that she had moved up North somewhere and, if I remember correctly, had started seeing someone else. In telling the story, he described this girl as "one of the ones" to which we laughed at the almost oxymoronic phrase. However seemingly comical this was, the phrase stuck with me. Around that time I decided to write this song about what I interpreted that to mean and also as a message to my friend to let him know that these things happen and ultimately he'll be ok. Now that Sean has passed away, this song has taken on new meaning for me. I realize that for me, Sean was "one of the ones." One of those special people in my life who resembled myself in so many ways that our friendship was truly natural. We never had an awkward moment of getting to know each other. We just "knew" each other innately. Though we knew each for almost 10 years, this last year we, by no means of plan or contrivance, grew a lot closer. I lived in Claremont, CA and Sean's family just happened to move there. Then I moved to Los Angeles and Sean, and his wife to be, Elizabeth, moved to downtown L.A. I'm overwhelmingly grateful that over the last few months I was blessed to spend so much time with Sean and Liz.

Sean, this song is a dedication to you and the LOVE that was the truth of your being and existence. I'll never forget you as I'm too heartbroken.

P.S. Sean, it's still funny when the "girls look back at it!" Love you my friend.


released December 7, 2015



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SON OF CECIL Los Angeles, California

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